Radiant Prime TIme


Radiant Prime Time™ are appointments ranging from two to five hours where most or all of your treatment is completed in one appointment*.

(*depends on type of treatment needed.)

We believe that you are best served by completing treatment in the least number of visits as possible so that dental problems are solved and don’t have a chance to turn into worse situations requiring even more extensive dental treatment.

Radiant Prime TIme

We keep you in a relaxed, comfortable, and peaceful state of mind by using Inhalation in conjunction with Oral Conscious Sedation while your dental treatment is being completed. This relaxed environment alleviates dental anxiety and greatly enhances your ability to remain comfortable for these longer appointments. The more time you spend with us at each appointment, the faster your dental problems are resolved, which leads to better clinical outcomes.

If you’re interested in Radiant Prime Time, call us today and we will help to get you in for an appointment.

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